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Model:Cyclecam C1

Wi-Fi Rearview Bicycle Camera(Click to view Cyclecam video on youtube)

If you are one of millions of cyclists you know, every time you saddle up anything can happen. The number one threat to every cyclist, is not on the road ahead, its right behind you!
According to a recent study 40% of cycling fatalities occurred when riders are struck from behind. But with CYCLECA
M WiFi Rearview Bicycle Camera, you know traffic is back there 75 meters out, and your left-right turns will never be too late, which makes all differences.
m Rearview Bike Camera Features:
WiFi App for Andorid and IOS smartphones
See vehicles behind 75meters away on screen
720P high resolution video quality display
Easy video recording and picture snap
Waterproof (IP65) for any weather conditions
High capacity Li-battery for 5 hours working
Support power bank and dynamo back-up charge
Digital anti-interference design for group cyclist ride

There are more than a billion bicycles in the world, twice as many as automobiles. In recent years bike production had climbed to over 100 million per year (compared to 50 million cars). It is a Huge Market!  
In China, we have more than 500 million bicycles; Belgium, 5.2million; Switzerland, 3.8 million; Japan, 73 million; Finland, 3.5 million; Norway, 3million; Sweden, 6million; Germany, 62million; Denmark, 4.5million; Netherland, 17million.
No matter you are professional cyclists, or simply use a bike for transportation of work, safety is always the most important concern for yourself and your love.
Buy a Cycleca
m, start your new concept safe riding!